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תחומי עיסוק: שיווק ופרסום באינטרנט
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Not much to say, I am an experienced, methodical, thorough and creative digital advertising professional.

I have been working in digital marketing and advertising since I was 15 years old, I always knew I wanted to keep travelling when I grew up and this is how I decided to support myself

I have experience with helping businesses of all sizes, from one-off consultations to regular account management, performance marketing research and affiliate marketing (both organic and paid), but my real specialty is Search Engine Advertising. 

Services I offer include:

1. Building and optimizing digital advertising campaigns.

2. Coming up with a comprehensive marketing and advertising strategy.

3. Product, competitor, or performance research.

4. Optimizing existing ads and ad accounts.

5. Conversion rate optimization 

6. Affiliate marketing consultation, from product choices to link placements to understanding your target audience(s) and then how to target them.

*I only work in English*


Please contact me with any additional questions or requests

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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